Shipping Container Lock Box

Shipping Container Lock Box

Heavy-duty steel padlock covers to help keep your shipping container contents secure.
one trip (new) shipping container with lock box

On a new shipping container, a low-profile lock box is now being fitted as standard at the factory. However, used shipping containers will need to have a lock box fitted if they are being used for storage and if you want to keep the content secure.

You do not need a lock box when using a shipping container for export use. The doors on export containers are sealed using bolt seals instead. In fact, if you padlock an export container and Customs want a look inside, they will cut the padlock off and, if a lock box is preventing them, they will cut off the lock box as well!

Lock boxes (or padlock cowls) are heavy-duty steel covers that are welded on the right-hand side door of the container. This cover protects the container padlock and eye from attack with tools such as bolt cutters and pry bars.

Access to the padlock is from the underside of the lock box only, so make sure you buy a padlock that’s of the correct orientation like our CISA and Squire shipping container padlocks. When a lock box is coupled with an insurance rated padlock you should be able to add the contents of any shipping container to any existing insurance policy already covering the site.

self fit shipping container lock box

If you’ve already got your shipping container(s) and didn’t get lock boxes fitted at time of purchase, no problem. We can supply you with our self-fit lock box that works just as well as a unit that’s fitted in depot. These come with a template to help with installation. You position the template at the desired height, make the drill points using the template and drill through the container door using a ¼’’ drill bit.

We know this may seem obvious but, please use a drill bit that’s designed for use on metal and not wood. Wood drills will not drill through metal. The lock box can then be fitted to the container using the bolts, nuts and washers supplied with it.

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