Can I see pictures of your containers?

Can I see pictures of your containers?

We are often asked for pictures of shipping containers so that customers can pick out the one that they would like. Unfortunately, this is not usually possible – due to the way that containers are stored getting pictures can be very difficult.

Sometimes we do have pictures for one-off specials, and when this it the case we will always make clear on the website that the pictures show the exact container on offer.

Line Containers stacked

Our stocks of shipping containers are stored in container depots all around the country. They are held in large stacks and are often arranged in blocks, with just enough space between for the ‘lifters’ to operate. The stacks are made as containers arrive into the depot and containers are not usually separated by owner, so any containers owned by us may well be buried right in the middle of a stack and be completely inaccessible.

When a container is sold the lifter will be dispatched to take it from the stack and load it onto the waiting vehicle. We will have requested that a ‘used’ or a ‘one-trip’ container be supplied, and the one closest to the front of the stack will be picked out and loaded onto the truck. Up until this point we will not know which of our stocked containers will be most accessible. The container will be checked over to ensure it meets the standards outlined below and sent on its way.

If you order a refurbished container then a used one will be collected from the stack in the same way but sent to a pad for repainting and fitting of lockbox before being delivered. As before we won’t know which container this will be in advance, but checks will be made to ensure it meets our guaranteed standards.

Our standard used, refurbished and one-trip containers are sold by description:

Used Containers Stacked

Used Containers

All our used shipping containers are sourced direct from shipping industry use. We do not offer used containers that have previously bought as ‘used’ as these shipping containers will commonly be of a poorer quality and have a much shorter remaining lifespan.

Used shipping containers will come in their original shipping liveries and will have dents and surface rust. We sell these strictly as ‘cosmetics not guaranteed’ meaning we don’t and can’t guarantee how good they will look. If you require a smart shipping container we recommend looking at our refurbished or new (one trip) ranges. However, your used container will not have any large bows or dents – it will be in the correct overall shape, free of any holes or leaks and in a good state of repair.

Refurbished Containers

Refurbished shipping containers are the middle ground between new and used shipping containers. We take the best quality used shipping containers and ensure they are of sound construction, leak free, have a good solid floor, a fully operational door and intact doors seals (where applicable). These are a lot neater than basic used containers and a fair bit cheaper than new (one trip) shipping containers.

We also repaint these containers in your choice of basic colour in a marine quality paint and add a high security lock box (padlock cover) to the shipping container. As these are made from used shipping containers there will still be dinks and dents along the frame of the container, but the repaint will give a much smarter appearance when compared to a basic used container.

Sometimes we make a refurbished shipping container by cutting down a larger shipping container to size (for example a 40ft shipping container may be cut down to make 4x 10ft containers). In these cases we typically offer our easy open or flat panel door option. These fabricated doors are much lighter (but still made from steel at least as thick as the steel in the corrugated sides of the shipping container) and much easier to use over a long period of time but they do not come with a rubber seal around the doors.

One-Trip Containers

New (or One Trip) shipping containers are the very best quality option available. Freshly built in a factory (normally in China) they are moved to the UK with freight inside them which helps dramatically reduce the overall cost of the shipping container. These almost new shipping containers may have the odd imperfection consistent with this first trip but they will be in otherwise immaculate condition.

Different types of Shipping containers

These one-trip shipping containers are approximately 12 years younger than the average refurbished or used container we sell (or 12-20 years younger than a used container sold by any other trader) so the container will have a significantly longer lifespan. If these containers are to sit static on your site then they will also remain in very good condition. In 12 years’ time a one trip container you purchased from us that has sat static on your site will more than likely in better condition than an average used container we are selling at the time.

These containers come in green or blue without any logos and look a lot smarter than a refurbished or used shipping container.

How to ensure that the container you order meets your needs

Read the descriptions very carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

All containers we supply are guaranteed wind and watertight for 2 years after purchase. We can’t guarantee how many dents, dinks and previous repairs there may be in a used container, what colour it will be or how much surface rust it has.

The refurbished containers look a fair bit smarter thanks to a new coat of paint (in your choice of colour), but will still have the same dents, dinks and previous repairs under that fresh paint as a used container.

If you need a container that will look super-smart with minimal imperfections, then we’d always recommend a one-trip container.

If you have any questions about this article, our products or service please call our friendly team for free on 0800 999 8988 any time 08:30-17:00 weekdays or send us a message via the contact form on this website and we will get back to you.