Product Guarantee

Product Guarantee

All our shipping containers are sourced directly from import use and are professionally checked over in our yards before sale. We’re here to give you the assurance of a good quality, weatherproof container that will be fit for purpose as a storage or shipping container. Whilst we offer these guarantees to ensure peace of mind we suggest that a typical used container used for storage and kept static will offer 10+ years of minimal to low maintenance, and a one trip (new) container can offer up to a generation of solid low maintenance secure storage.

When used for storage use in the UK, we guarantee all containers we sell (new, used or refurbished) will remain wind and watertight for a minimum of 2 years from the date of purchase. If for any reason your container springs a leak or another natural defect occurs in the first 2 years, let us know and we will come out and repair it for you free of charge. If we cannot repair it we will replace it.

If used for export use, we will undertake a professional check on your container and add an export CSC plate allowing your container to be used for exports for a minimum of 6 month from the date of purchase. If you notice any defect on your container on collection or on delivery, again we will repair or replace as necessary. Please note for all export containers its very important to say you need your container ‘CSC plated’ on any order to us, and to check your container in our depot (if collecting on your own truck) or before you sign the delivery note (if we are delivering it)

More detail and full terms for our guarantee are given on our guarantee terms page

Please note any defect is not naturally occurring, i.e. caused by any external factor other than ourselves then any work will more than likely be chargeable.

All our shipping containers are checked over by a professional before sale. With the repair standard we specify we are confident to be able to offer our industry leading 2 year wind and watertight guarantee on all new, refurbished and used shipping containers. This means if your shipping container has a natural defect which results in a leak or other issue relating to its fitness for purpose as a storage container in its first 2 years we will come out and repair it free of charge.

If you are buying a container for export use the container will come with the same checks, but we are only able to guarantee the container at the point of sale (we can’t realistically offer a blanket guarantee to fix an issue once it has been shipped).  In this case your container will come with a CSC plate which allows you to ship the container on any commercial container line and also most non-commercial boat owners will accept this repair standard also (for example the MOD in the UK or the US Military as an example). All used containers will come with a minimum 6 month CSC plate from the date of purchase, one trip containers will come with a circa 5v year CSC plate.

Note: If the defect has been caused by you e.g. damage when moving the container or other accidental damage, then any repairs will be chargeable and are not covered by our guarantee.

We officially repair to UCIRC (Universal Container Inspection and Repair Criteria) standards for all export grade containers and we can repair to other recognised repair standards if required such as IICL 1-6. Specialised repair standards apply for our offshore or DNV rates containers made specifically for the offshore oil and gas industry.