Shipping Container Padlocks

Shipping Container Padlocks

Secure your shipping container with a high-quality padlock from CISA or Squire.
CISA 75mm container padlock

When securing your shipping container always make sure you only use a high-quality padlock in conjunction with a shipping container lock box.

The industry standard shipping container padlock is the CISA 75mm. This is a solid hardened steel padlock. These padlocks have been designed to withstand wear and tear and weathering. They also have a hardened steel shackle (12mm diameter) with a body width of 75mm and body height of 64mm.

These CISA container padlocks come into their own on larger sites. For a small additional charge we can have multiple padlocks keyed alike – allowing for one key to open multiple padlocks. This can make day to day operations much easier to manage if you have a number of storage containers on site, especially if they are in regular use.

We can also offer these with a master key system – allowing for multiple padlocks (containers) to have an individual padlock, but allowing you (the site owner or manager) to have a master key that can open any padlock if required.

We can also add small / short names and numbers onto keys for you to ensure that you know which key is for which padlocks at all times. Also ideal for sites that may be managing multiple shipping containers or padlocks.

SQUIRE 80mm container padlock

Our other padlock is also highly recommended. This is the Squire 80mm padlock and like the CISA, this was designed with security and longevity in mind too. This padlock has an 80mm solid steel body with a corrosion resistant black finish and 12mm (heavy-duty) boron alloy steel shackle plus a six-pin tumbler. Both of these padlocks feature anti-pick/drill key-ways and anti-saw shackles.

These squire padlocks are made in the UK and come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. These squire padlocks are CEN-4 rated (Insurance rated ‘high security’) – this should mean (when used with a lock box on your shipping container) that you can easily add the contents of any shipping container to any existing insurance policy already covering site. Obviously we can’t provide a blanket guarantee for this so if you intend to insure your contents we do recommend checking with your insurance company before proceeding.

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