Shipping Container Desiccants

Shipping Container Desiccants

Desiccants absorb and trap moisture to help protect your container's contents.

Desiccants are widely used in the electronics industry and you’ll find them in anything from a digital camera box to the box holding your new shoes. They are used to absorb moisture and protect the product. A similar product can be used in shipping containers, albeit on a much larger scale than the desiccant you’d normally find with new shoes or a handbag.

Desiccants simply absorb moisture from the atmosphere and trap it. Depending on the product you select, some can hold up to 2-litres of moisture per desiccant, others just 1.2 litres per desiccant.

All desiccants we offer are non-toxic and can be disposed of in standard waste.

These Desiccants are typically used in the freight industry – if you need to keep your cargo dry and condensation free for a shipment, these desiccants will typically last up to 12 weeks, much longer than a typical shipment time. They are commonly used for freight shipments that are condensation sensitive. This can include foodstuffs, chemicals, fabrics and textiles and machinery.

Shipping Container Desiccants are also popular for short term storage requirements. For example, if you are renovating or restoring a property and you want to store the contents of the house whilst this work is taking place. Desiccants can offer the most cost effective condensation treatment for 3-6 month projects. For projects that are likely to last a lot longer we may then recommend one of our more permanent condensation treatment options such as Grafo-therm or one of our insulation kits.

Our SeaDry desiccant is simply hung from the cargo hooks inside the container and you’ll need 10 of these for a standard 20ft container, double for a 40ft. This desiccant lasts about 12-weeks depending on climatic conditions and each will hold about 1.2 litres of moisture. These SeaDry shipping container desiccants hold water within the pouches and they expand when full. They come in an single bag and once the bag is opened the desiccants will start working. If you with to split one order across a few uses, its important to ensure these are stored in a sealed bag that does not allow for air circulation.

Our Absorpole shipping container desiccant is hung from the cargo hooks and you’ll need 4 of these for a standard 20ft container, double for a 40ft. The desiccant lasts for about 12-weeks depending on climatic conditions and each Absorpole will hold about 2-litres of moisture. These absorpoles come in individual packs, once opened they start working. The water is trapped in the blue section that sits at the bottom of the pole when hung.

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