Multi Compartment Shipping Containers

Multi Compartment Shipping Containers

Multi Compartment Shipping Containers for Sale in the UK

40ft multi compartment shipping container (doors closed)

Multi compartment shipping containers are one of the newest standalone shipping container designs, and the first new design being brought into the market in any significant way in over 10 years. These multi compartment shipping containers are ideal for self storage yards, as well as any site that needs to supply larger lockups for staff or teams of staff that may be in and out of a main site. These have provided popular with sites that have teams of workmen or engineers out on the road who need a place to store their kit.

These multi-compartment shipping containers are built in china and have done one trip into the UK, so they arrive in near immaculate condition. You should expect 30+ years of solid reliable storage use with minimal to no maintenance from any of these units.

These multi compartment shipping containers come in 20ft or 40ft options. 20ft have 4 bays and 40ft options have 8 bays, meaning each bay is just under 5ft wide and just under 8ft deep. A single cargo style door with a single locking rod on each door are used, meaning you get a very secure storage unit with a heavy duty rubber seal around the doors to make extra sure these are weather-tight. These smaller storage units are ideal for residential customers, students and anyone who doesn’t have a huge amount of gear to store.

40ft multi compartment shipping container (doors open)

As this is a new design different factories do otherwise have slightly different specs. Some of the internal partition walls have gaps at the top of the dividing walls, others have individually sealed up units. Some customers want the gaps to allow for free air circulation, but a lot of self storage yards don’t’ want the risk of something in one storage unit contaminating other customers goods. This really comes down to how you intend to use the container and what people will be storing inside.

Designs may also vary as some of the larger multi compartment units, like the 40ft, can only have 7 side doors and the 8th partitioned area is accessed via cargo doors on one of the 8ft ends. Please be specific if you’re after something like this because we have many other options including taking a second hand container and adding our own side doors and partition walls – it will not have the same one trip look but will certainly be good value for space in comparison.

As this is a relatively new design, its not uncommon for factories to refine their designs over the coming years.

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