Shipping Container Insulation Kits

Shipping Container Insulation Kits

We now supply DIY insulation kits for shipping containers. This system offers easy self-fit with the same performance as 55mm of polystyrene yet is only 4mm thick!

shipping container insulation kit

These competitively priced kits provide excellent condensation prevention as well as excellent thermal insulation for a fraction of the cost of fitting insulation and ply-lining. It can be fitted in just 30-mins (2-people required) for a 20ft container. No special tools are required, all you really need is a broom to push the sticky backing tape against the container wall/ceiling.

The insulation is supplied in pre-cut rolls ready to apply. Simply get one person to hold one end of a panel in place, remove the thermaseal tape from the back (industrial strength sticky backed plastic in very basic terms) and use a broom to push the foil up against the container roof and walls on the opposite side to the tape. The product provides an excellent thermal barrier that slows down the rate at which the air within the container cools. And it’s this slowing down of the cooling process that prevents the build-up of condensation.

You should ensure the inside walls and roof of the shipping container and clean and free of any dust or dirt that can come off before sticking the insulation panel to the surface. This is as important with one trip (new) containers as it is for used or refurbished containers.

This is an ideal and cost effective solution for containers and especially for anyone who already has a container and is experiencing problems with condensation or now wants to add insulation to their containers.

Our kits are supplied without a floor panel as standard. for everyday storage requirements a floor panel. Our advice is that for everyday use a insulating floor panel simply isn’t required.

These kits can also be used to help maintain ambient temperatures when shipping cargo internationally. Our range of kits have a number of options for exporters that aren’t needed for storage storage containers (such as different performance options for the foil layer which will vary depending on your specific shipment) – please get in touch and let us know if your looking for shipping container insulation kits for your export jobs and we can advise on a recommended solution.

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