Flat Panel Doors

Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel doors are fitted to our refurbished container range as standard unless you specifically request you require the original cargo door set.

Our flat panel doors are fabricated in our depots from flat panel sheet steel that is about the same thickness as the steel used in the side of a shipping container.

Flat panel doors do not have rubber seals like the original cargo doors. However, the right-hand side door does overlap the left-hand side door and we install a rain guard above the doors to prevent water ingress. Units fitted with our flat panel doors still come with our industry leading 24-month wind & watertight guarantee.

The front-end of the container (opposite the door end), can be fabricated using steel sheet or it may be the original corrugated steel so, please bear this in mind when ordering.

For instance, if we were to make 4 x 10ft refurbished containers from a 40ft unit, only one 10ft will have the original corrugated steel front-end.

To increase the rigidity of the flat panel doors, our depots weld angle iron or box section on to the inside of the newly fabricated doors. A single locking rod is added to the right-hand side door and a lock box is attached to this door to. On the left-hand side door, we weld the padlock ‘eye’.

When closed, the lock box covers the padlock eye and the padlock preventing anyone from accessing the padlock with a set of bolt cutters for instance.

To increase security, we always recommend using a good quality padlock such as one of our Squire padlocks. These padlocks are highly recommended and have anti-pick and anti-drill keyways along with anti-saw shackles.

Being of lighter construction (and only having one locking rod) than the normal cargo doors on shipping containers, our flat panel doors are easier to open, making them more suitable for a container that’s going to be accessed frequently.

The design of the door and hinges will vary by depot so, any images shown may be different to the container you receive.

Flat panel doors are an excellent option for containers that are going to opened and closed many times throughout the day. However, they may not be a suitable choice for containers that are left in isolated locations and/or where higher security is required. In instances such as this, you may wish to consider having a container with the original cargo doors.

Whilst providing more of a deterrent to anyone considering breaking in to your unit, even the cargo doors may be vulnerable to attack by anyone coming prepared with heavy-duty cutting tools. Where you want to improve security to the next level, you may wish to consider installing a shipping container alarm system.

When the flat panel doors and rain guard have been installed on the refurbished container, the entire unit is then re-sprayed (externally) with a marine grade paint using a basic (dark) RAL colour of your choice.

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