Grafo-Therm Condensation Prevention Treatment

Grafo-Therm Condensation Prevention Treatment

Information on what Grafo-therm is and why and how to use it.

Grafo-therm is a special spray-on coating that’s applied to the ceiling of the container prior to delivery. This coating has special moisture absorbing properties that prevents condensation build-up. In this guide we briefly detail what it is and how it works.

What is Grafo-therm?

Grafo-therm is a chemical spray that we apply to the inside of the roof on a shipping container. When this spray sets its forms a circa 1-2mm thick spongy layer on the inside of the roof. This spongy layer traps and holds any moisture as it forms, preventing the condensation from  dripping onto goods stored inside a shipping container

The Grafo-therm has a slight thermal insulation effect which will mean it will take longer for condensation to start forming, and once it does form its trapped inside the Grafo layer. its a non-toxic substance and has an anti-bacterial agent included which should keep the Grafo free from any issues for circa 7 years.

Grafo-Therm condensation prevention treatment

In any metal roofed building or shipping container as the outside temperature drops humidity will cause droplets or water to form on the ceiling. If left unchecked, these droplets will eventually drop on to any goods or materials stored within the container.

A coating of 1.5mm in thickness can absorb about 1-litre per square metre and when the ceiling of the container warms up. This moisture is safely released back in to the atmosphere.

Whilst additional air-vents can increase air flow within a container, extra vents do not guarantee that condensation will not form on the ceiling of the container.

Alternatives to using Grafo-therm include insulation and ply-lining the container for a very high end solution, or desiccant sticks for a short-term solution to the problem of shipping container condensation.

Why use grafo-therm

Grafo-therm is classically the most cost effective condensation treatment for a wide range of customers.

If you are storing tools and machinery inside your container and you don’t’ mind about the occasional drop on your tools – then quite honestly we suggest you do not need Grafo-therm.

If you’re storing any form of stock to be sold onto customers, or moisture sensitive goods (fabrics and textiles, foods, chemicals and more) then some form of condensation treatment is advisable and Grafo-therm will often be the most cost effective solution available.

If you’re storing very high end valuables e.g. artwork expensive rugs or similar then you may want a more complete condensation treatment options such as lining and insulating your container, or using one of our insulation kits.

Lead time for Grafo-therm shipping containers

Once applied, the Grafo typically requires circa 48 hours to set in temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. This can mean pretty dramatic differences in lead time between summer and winter, or may mean in winter we can’t guarantee a specific lead time at the point of order as we may literally have to wait unit the Grafo is adequately set before delivering your container. If this may cause issues, of course, do bear in mind our insulation kits offer a similar if not slightly better level of protection and come in at only a slight premium. these take 10-20 minutes to install with no setting time.

Grafo-Therm and UK Standards

Grafo-therm conforms with :

Class 1 surface spread of flames BS476, Part 7

Fire propagation BS476 Part 5 (Yarsley Technical Center, June 1978)

With fire propagation sub index 1 of 3.212 and final index of 5.2p, Grafo-therm cornforms with class 0 restrictions of spread of flame UK building regulation 1976 sections E15(1)(E)

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