Shipping Container Shelving

Shipping Container Shelving

We provide a range of shelving that’s suitable for use in shipping containers and refrigerated shipping containers. This selection includes heavy-duty racking and tyre racking through to our range of shelving that’s ideal for food storage in refrigerated containers, canteens and hospitals.

Heavy-duty container shelving

fully racked shipping container

For standard shipping containers, we’ve devised some neat little kits that are proving to be very popular. Our racking is designed to get the most out of your shipping container and our kits include racking for just one side of the container, two sides of the container and racking for both sides and the front end.

We have these kits made up for all standard sizes of shipping container (10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft options) however we can very easily setup customs layouts if one of our standard kits isn’t exactly what’s needed. As standard our shelves are 455mm deep but again we have options for shelving units anywhere from 380 to 1220mm deep, and as well as heavy duty chipboard shelving we can also offer wire mesh shelving, melamine shelving and steel panel shelving as required.

These kits are primarily aimed for storage and have a massive 600kg (UDL) per shelf. This is up to 3x the capacity we see others sell but at a very similar overall price.  Each bay comes with 4 chipboard shelves (but can come with up to 6 shelves if required) and the kits are delivered on a pallet ready for you to install in your shipping container. These are self build units – very high quality build and require no special tools (just a mallet). It will take 2 people approx 20 minutes to build each shelving bay. We can supply shelving pre-installed where required.

Archive shelving

Our archive racking systems can be used in any environment including shipping containers! If you fitted out one side of a 40ft DV shipping container using this racking, you could potentially store about 630 of our archive boxes, or circa 1000x archive boxes in a 40ft all neatly stacked for easy access if required. You will be hard pressed to find a more cost effective means to archive a large volume of paperwork.

With our insulation kits and lighting units we can ensure a condensation free and safe to move in environment that can keep your paperwork secure and dry for many years to come.

Food service shelving

We supply food grade stainless steel racking and Cambro shelving all of which can be used in commercial kitchens, cold rooms, hospitals and refrigerated shipping containers. This stainless steel food grade shelving comes in a similar array of size and depth options – ensuring we can offer a good fit for every possible use.  If our standard kits don’t suit your requirements let us know as we can always look to offer a bespoke layout for your specific use or design.

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