Shipping Container Stairs

Shipping Container Stairs

Allow access to a 2nd tier of stacked shipping containers being used for offices or storage.

Our fabrication department produces standard access stairs for personnel doors and through the cargo doors.

shipping container personnel staircase

Our personnel stairs can be produced to access the personnel door on the 2nd tier container whether its stacked on a standard height or high cube shipping container. Available with a 13 or 15 tread staircase and integrated upper platform for left or right-hand access, our personnel shipping container staircases are a cost-effective option for providing safe access to stacked containers and welfare units.

shipping container cargo door staircase

Our cargo door staircases are suitable for use in self-storage depots and other locations where access through the cargo doors is required. Supplied with a 13 tread as standard, with a left or right-hand side access configurable platform, this staircase is becoming an increasingly popular in self-storage facilities that are using a 2nd tier of containers for light storage use.

The staircase can be moved round site using the ‘jockey’ wheel and then held in place by lowering and locking the integrated stabilisers.

We have also offer custom staircase design and fabrication services e.g. in one case a customer wanted a specialised set of loading steps to allow staff to easily and safely manually load a truck.

All staircases need to go on firm and level ground, e.g. tarmac or concrete, and you should not plan to add our staircases to a container on any gravel, open ground that may go soft after rainfall, or any other potentially soft ground.

As our staircases are fabricated to order we can easily modify or customize a set of stairs for a specific use – so if you have any unusual plans and need help please contact us and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.

We can also offer custom fabrication for a number of our other container accessory products including ramps, gantries or roof terraces for shipping containers, balconies and more.

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