Motion Sensor Shipping Container Lighting

Motion Sensor Shipping Container Lighting

Attach to interior surface with strong magnets and have a long battery life.

Our motion sensor lighting units are ideal for use in shipping containers. They make moving and working inside your shipping container safer, whilst saving a small fortune over fitted electrics. These quality lighting units come with strong integrated magnets so you don’t need to worry about drilling holes in your shipping container.

magnetic shipping container lights

If you access your containers infrequently, these motion sensor lights are a must. They have a 3-metre sensor range and turn off after 20-seconds of no movement.

Powered by 4 x ‘D’ cells (not included), these powerful LED lights are 300-lumens (light output) and should run for about 12-months based on 1-3 operations per day of about 3-4 minutes each. This is a guide only, but we can report we have one under test ourselves and it is performing well.

These motion sensor lighting units  are ideal for use in shipping containers stored in remote locations away from any electrical supply. And if you are only using the container every so often, this is a much cheaper alternative to having electrics installed (typically offering a £4-600 + VAT saving versus fitted electrics).

Whilst these are ideal for use in shipping containers (using the magnets), they cannot be used on non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium shipping containers). However, they do come with screws and Rawl plugs for fixing on other surfaces. If using on any other metal surface, you’ll need some self—tapping screws (not supplied). If the screws protrude through the metal, make sure they aren’t a hazard and seal them with some suitable external caulk.

Where possible we also recommend against drilling or screwing through the roof of your shipping container. This will provide a point of weakness that may reduce the serviceable lifespan for your shipping container.

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