Shipping Container Ramps

Shipping Container Ramps

Personal or Forklift ramps are designed to provide easy access to shipping containers.
shipping container forklift ramp

For straightforward walk-in access, our shipping container ramps for pedestrian access are a great option. They weigh just 44kgs and have a load bearing of about 400kgs. Constructed from 4.5mm chequer plate (with a non-slip coating) this ramp drops straight over the bottom door keeps on the container and can be used for loading pallets in to the container using a pallet truck.

For use with forklifts, you’ll need one of our larger forklift ramps to take the weight of the forklift and pallet. These heavy-duty ramps are sturdily constructed and are available in two weight ranges (6000kg and 10000kg capacity). These are also made with a chequer plate top and 2 neat for pockets at the front floor line. These fork pockets allow you to lift up the ramp and move it to a different shipping container for use it on multiple shipping containers.

These shipping container ramps are also designed so they can be neatly be picked up by the fork lift and placed just inside the container doors to allow you to stow the ramp when not in use.

The picture above shows one of our standard shipping container ramps, but as we fabricate them to order, we can easily modify the ramp design to fit with different types (floor depths) of shipping container. For example, open top and side opening shipping containers typically have a thicker floor thanks a standard shipping container.

We can also fit custom features to any of our shipping container ramps, staircases or gantries.

These ramps are also designed with a small hinged lip at the top of the ramp that falls onto the door sill on the container. This helps ensure a smooth transition from ramp to shipping container for your fork lift truck. They are supplied with forklift slots to make moving them a real easy task.

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