Lined and Insulated Side Opening Containers

Lined and Insulated Side Opening Containers

Premier Shipping Containers have supplied a new one trip 20ft Side Opening Container to Kids Fun Time Beds in Manchester. Completely lined and insulated with 25mm Kingspan insulation and lined with 8mm ply. The brief was ’20ft full side access container to be used for condensation free storage’

20ft lined and insulated side opener (doors open)

These new 20ft side opening shipping containers are very popular with customers wanting quick and easy access to items stored. Often used for pallets, or for the storage of large and bulky items that won’t fit through the end doors of a standard shipping container. Although you cannot see them in the pictures here, side opening containers also include the standard end opening cargo doors (like a standard shipping container.) As you look from the outside of these end opening doors, the larger side opening doors are typically always to the right hand side – we can get what we refer to as ‘left hand side openers’ if the other way is necessary, or if you’re purchasing two to be placed on opposite sides of the yard or in tandem (so both sets of end doors can be accessed either end)

Over the recent years we have seen a lot more interest in conversions using 20ft side opening shipping containers. Turning them into self contained mobile exhibition stands, cafes, snack stands and retail outlets. We also find these very popular for generator housings, biomass boilers and for a number of specialised engineering applications.

20ft lined and insulated side opener (door closed)

Insulation and ply-lining reduces temperature fluctuations, reduce acoustic pollution and helps to neaten the container interior. It also lends itself to a number of specialist storage applications. Foodstuffs that may need to be stored at ambient temperatures (eg eggs that you don’t’ want to freeze in the cold or cook in the heat of summer), or storage of high value condensation sensitive items such as high value artworks, furniture, fabrics and textiles.

A huge thanks to Kids Fun Time Beds as they are a returning customer, previously taking a refurbished shipping container from Premier Shipping Containers painted externally the same RAL colour as we’ve provided here, RAL5013. Kids fun time beds have been producing hand crafted and adventurous beds in the UK for over 15 years. Their imaginative and fun designs have captured the imagination of many thousands of kids, and a few big kids also. If you’re looking for your own unique or bespoke bed please feel free to get in touch at

This style of 20ft side opening shipping container is the most commonplace and ordinarily the most cost effective option for general storage uses where a full side access is necessary. We have a superb range of other side opening containers, including 4 other types of 20ft side opening shipping container and even 40ft side openering shipping containers. Please get in touch for more information and prices.

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