Shipping Container Security

Shipping Container Security

Fantastic range of top quality security options for our shipping containers including lock boxes and cowls, padlocks and intruder alarms. Call us for full range of options available.

Whilst security of shipping containers is fairly good, there are additional steps you can take to make your container even harder to break in to.

On the cargo doors for instance, we always recommend you have a lock box or cowl fitted to protect the padlock itself from access with bolt cutters and pry bars. A lock box is a heavy piece of steel that’s welded to the right-hand side cargo door in depot before being delivered to you. If you didn’t get a lock box fitted, no need to worry as we can supply as self-fit lock box. If you order new shipping containers, these do come fitted with a lock box so, you’ll only need to order one when buying used shipping containers.

When thinking about security one item that should be top of the list is a good quality padlock. The industry standard padlock is a CISA 75 container padlock. As its name suggests it has a 75mm solid hardened steel body and they are supplied with 3-keys. The locks have an anti-pick/drill keyway and have an anti-saw shackle. The other padlock option we offer is the British made Squire Stronghold padlock that has an 80mm solid hardened steel body and like the CISA padlock, it also has an anti-pick/drill keyway and anti-saw shackle.

By adding good quality padlocks to your shipping container, you’ll certainly improve security and deter all but the most determined thief. However, when a determined thief comes along ‘tooled up’ for the job it would appear there is a little else you can do to prevent them cutting through the container wall.

However, there is an additional security measure you can take and that is to install one of our shipping container alarms. Our alarms run off the mains or on batteries and can be programmed to send an SMS to a nominated mobile phone upon activation. Locally, the alarm will sound to deter the intruder.

Our alarms have a built-in PIR detector and keypad for setting up and arming the system. Any access to the container via the roof, doors or side walls is detected by the PIR sensor which immediately activates the siren and triggers the system to send an SMS to your nominated mobile phone. The alarm is connected to a low-profile mushroom transmitter that is located on the roof of the container.

Whilst we suggest this security system should be used in shipping containers, it’s also a great option for use in garden sheds, garages and farm buildings.