Shipping Container Smoking Shelters

Shipping Container Smoking Shelters

Shipping container smoking shelters are great value for money. They are easy to install and maintain and can be moved around your site if required.

Our shipping container smoking shelters are made to order from either new or used shipping containers and to the size you require. By using shipping containers for your smoking shelter you don’t have to worry about mounting it to a wall or floor. It’s simply delivered to the position you want and for flexibility, if you order your unit with fork lift pockets, you can move it around your site as required.

Our shipping container smoking shelters can have seating or a bench installed and a wall mounted cigarette bin. The floor is finished using non-slip paint for safety and for ease of cleaning. We have previously fitted these units with a rubber floor but customer feedback suggested this option was difficult to keep clean and, in some instances, the rubber was getting burnt when butts were being put out on the floor.

If the shelter is going to be accessible and used at any time, we can also fit electrics (lighting) and can create larger smoking shelters as required.

Shipping container smoking shelters are an ideal option as they are made using COR-TEN steel. Typically, other shelters on the market are made from a combination of a steel frame and Perspex with the latter quite often being irreparably scratched or burnt meaning an expensive repair when the damaged panel is replaced. If the shipping container is scratched, it just needs a quick lick of paint to make it look good again.

Whilst you can us new shipping containers, we can also produce smoking shelters from used shipping containers. They represent excellent value for money and are often cheaper than some other off the shelf options.

As well as having the option of adding in fork lift pockets, the units are supplied with 4 lifting eyes so, you can move the unit using a crane or fork lift as required.

The pictures here are of shelters we’ve produced for other clients and you can alter the specification to suit your needs. However, current regulations stipulate that at least 50% of the sides must be open. So, we supply all our smoking shelters with an open from end, closed rear and 50% open sides.

These units have become increasingly popular over the last year or so thanks to their robustness, and the fact they can be literally dropped on site without any groundwork being required.

These units are all made to order with a typical lead time of around 2 weeks.

In addition to producing smoking shelters, we do other conversions using shipping containers including producing offices, kiosks, bars and cafés.