Shipping Container Racking

Shipping Container Racking

Specialist racking and shelving for shipping containers.

Racking and Shelving Systems

Premier Shipping Containers has developed a range of racking and shelving systems for use in shipping containers as well as a wide range of facilities including warehouses, offices, cold rooms, commercial kitchens and of course even refrigerated shipping containers.

As part of our ethos, we like to help our customers as much as possible and have put together a range of shelving and racking systems that fit neatly in to our range of quality shipping containers.

Each system has been designed to fit down one side of the container, two sides of the container and two sides of the container plus the non-door end allowing you have a flexible storage solution that you know is going to fit in your container.

Our designs help to maximise the space within the container and if there’s a special design that you require call one of the team to discuss your requirements.

Our racking systems have been designed to enable you to get the most from your shipping container not matter what size or, in most cases, type of container. From standard shipping containers to refrigerated containers, we designed racking systems to suit most applications and if we don’t have your requirements covered, just call us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Racking systems for DV shipping containers

For standard height shipping containers, we have a range of racking systems for use in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers. We’ve designed them to give you options of having racking down just one side of a container right through to having shelving that runs down both sides of the container and across the non-door end. Whilst these systems are primarily aimed for storage use thanks to their massive weight carrying capacity, we also have archive racking systems that come complete with archive boxes ready for you to begin archiving all the filing that you don’t want cluttering up the office but, still need to retain.

Racking systems for refrigerated containers

Our racking systems for use in refrigerated shipping containers includes galvanised shelves, Cambro shelving and stainless steel shelving that meets HACCP requirements. The latter being made of food grade stainless steel makes it ideal for use in any commercial kitchen, cold rooms, hospitals and any other hygiene important area.

This system has a per-shelf loading of 100kg UDL and comes with adjustable nylon feet.

Our Cambro shelving system has ventilated shelves that increases air flow around perishables and it utilises silver-ion technology that helps to continually suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.

The shelves are removable and can be easily cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Like our shelving systems for standard shipping containers, we’ve assembled a few options that will give you maximum use of the space within the container.

Archive racking systems

Another great solution for offices that are having difficulty dealing with archiving documents is to get a shipping container and fit it out with our archive racking systems. You can start with just one bay in your container and let it grow as demand grows. Alternatively, if you do have a large amount of files to archive order the shipping container and archive racking from us and make a saving on the purchase price of your container.