Shipping Container Offices

Shipping Container Offices

Shipping container offices are ideal for additional office space, building site offices and security gatehouses. Options for refitting, painting and cladding.

Our shipping container offices are produced using new or used shipping containers. These are ideal for additional office space, building site offices, security gatehouses etc.

We can outfit the unit with lighting, electrical outlets, heaters, security windows and personnel doors as required plus, we can insulate and either ply line or melamine line the internal surfaces of the container and add non-slip vinyl flooring if required.

Offices produced from shipping containers are easy to move with a crane equipped vehicle making them ideal for use as building site offices as they can be moved from one project to another as required.

If you want the office to be painted a particular colour, we can do this using marine grade paint, we suggest using darker colours whenever possible as this helps to soften the look of the container especially when using a used shipping container for the office conversion.

Alternatively, we can add wooden cladding to the exterior of the container. This is a really nice option and disguises the fact that your new office was once a shipping container!

For site offices made from shipping containers, we can add in items such as sinks, water heaters kitchen units and work surfaces. It’s also possible to add a W/C provided you have access to a waste pipe on the site.

Site office conversions aren’t limited to use on building sites either! They can be used by car park attendants, first aid rooms for festivals and concerts and kiosks.

There is no standard template for these units so you can order a truly bespoke conversion that meets your exacting requirements.

Some of the projects we’ve delivered to customers so far have included shipping containers that have been converted in to an office at one end of the container with a storage area at the other end. And, in some cases we’ve been asked to remove the cargo doors and replace them with a roller shutter for ease of access. Cargo doors are fairly heavy and note something you want to keep on opening and closing when you need access to the storage area.

The roller shutters can either be manually operated or we can supply and fitted electrically operated versions.

Where we’ve installed electrics, we certify the electrics in depot but current regulations stipulate that you must have a professionally qualified electrician do the on-site connection in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations.

On this page, we’ve included pictures of the some of the offices that we’ve produced using shipping containers so you can get some idea of what we can do for you.

As well as producing offices from shipping containers, other conversions we’ve done include producing bars, café’s, kiosks and workshops.