Shipping Container Lighting

Shipping Container Lighting

magnetic, rechargeable, motion sensor lights for shipping containers.

Motion Sensor, Magnetic & Rechargeable Lighting

Premier Shipping Containers offer wireless shipping container lights which are ideal for use in all types of storage containers. With an extra-strong magnet strip included on the back of the light, as well as a ‘3m’ sticky back strip (for aluminium containers or if a container is lined and insulated with plywood for example), these will stick and hold to your container ceiling or side walls allowing for super easy and safe working. The motion sensor will detect any movement and turn on the light when needed allowing you to move or work inside your shipping container with added safety. These lights will come in significantly cheaper than fitting your own dedicated electrics into the container.

Under normal use in a steel shipping container, the magnets mean you can put the lights on anywhere on the side or roof panels as you need. You can very easily pick one off the wall for hand held use if you need that little extra help finding an items in a box of goods or similar. They will auto turn off after 15-20 seconds without movement.

Our shipping container lights come fitted with a 120 degree motion sensor that will be activated from 10ft/3 metres away from the light. We recommend 1 lighting unit per 10 feet of container. They are recharged via micro USB in 4 – 6 hours. Each lighting unit comes with a USB to micro USB cable for charging from any USB port.  Using LED’s they are very efficient on power and if being used 1 – 3 times per day (for a few minutes at a time), we would expect standard battery life to last well over 3-months.

3 primary sensor modes:

  1. Always On Mode (providing a constant steady light as a torch): To activate turn on the light holding in the button in for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Motion & Light Sensor Mode (Auto switches on when detecting motion in darkness): To activate turn on the light by pressing and releasing the button for less than 1 second. The light indicator will flash green to confirm Motion & Light Sensor Mode is on
  3. Motion Sensor Only Mode (Auto switches on/off in darkness and bright places): To activate, when the light is already in Motion & Light Sensor Mode press and release the button for less than 1 second again. The light indicator will flash red to confirm Motion Sensor Only Mode is on.